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Health and Healing - Whole Food Nutrients, Healing Stories, Wellness, Juicing, Events and Classes - Novi, Michigan Health and Healing - Whole Food Nutrients, Healing Stories, Wellness, Juicing, Events and Classes - Novi, Michigan Health and Healing - Whole Food Nutrients, Healing Stories, Wellness, Juicing, Events and Classes - Novi, Michigan Health and Healing - Whole Food Nutrients, Healing Stories, Wellness, Juicing, Events and Classes - Novi, Michigan

Change Your Life In 5 Minutes Or Less!  Whaaaaat?!!!By Cheryl Hightower Marchio

Let me ask you this.  How do you feel right now?  Do you have any unease, worries or just straight up fear about anything in particular?  Or maybe a general feeling of discontentment that you can't quite put your finger on?  If so, I want you to take a moment and look inside your head.  What are you thinking about right now?  Stop reading for a minute and take inventory of your thoughts.  As soon as you have pinpointed what is in your mind at this very moment that is causing discomfort, come on back.

Now you have identified thoughts you are having.  Those thoughts are the reason you feel the way you do.  So now what?

Many people will argue you cannot control thoughts.  This is just not true and I am going to help you do just that! 

First,  I want to help you understand why your thoughts are so important.  Your thoughts are energy.  Any energy that is focused upon increases.  That is the reason your most dominant thoughts will continue to accelerate.  Perhaps you are familiar with the Law of Attraction.  It simply means that like attracts like.  An example is this:  If your more dominant thoughts are focused upon lack of money, lack of health or poor relationships you will draw more of these circumstances into your life.  When you are able to redirect your thoughts you begin to feel some relief which allows you to begin bringing  better feeling things into your life immediately!

So... the big questions are:  How do I change my thoughts?  Don't I need to think about these things?  How will I change my finances if I don't focus on them?  How do I fix my relationship if I don't express the problems I'm having?  Don't I need to address my health problems? 

OF COURSE it is wise to pay attention to what is happening in your life!  You address whatever it is you need to handle from a solution oriented standpoint.  You do only what you can do in that moment to handle your business.  Then you set your intention on better days to come and you shift your thoughts to better feeling things.  What you DO NOT want to do is call everyone you know who will listen to your story.  Replaying your fears over and over again does not confirm your new intention. 


Even though we often believe that we are focusing on what we want to show up in our lives, usually the opposite is very true.  We want the debt to go away but the focus itself is still on the debt.  We want our relationship to be more pleasing but our focus is on how someone is doing us wrong.  We want better health and our focus is on the things we don't like about our bodies.  As you become more aware of your "self talk" you will realize where this is happening.

The GOOD NEWS is that you have absolute control over changing the way you feel AND your feelings are your direct link to the Law of Attraction!

I want you to think back to a time when you had a really good day. Maybe you got some good news or for some reason you just started your day of in a really good mood.  How was that for you?  Did good things just continue to spiral for you?  Well, that is how it works!

So how can you literally talk yourself into feeling better?  How can you flip it so that you can reach your tipping point and feel really good more often than not?

I'm not going to lie to you.  It's going to take  a lot of practice.  However, you CAN feel better immediately.  Practice will help you to do it on a more regular basis until feeling good becomes a habit for you.  You WANT to feel good when you see it is helping you to bring even MORE "better feeling" things into your life!  There are many techniques that can be used to change your thoughts.  We will focus on two of today.

1.  You have already begun to use this technique today.  Take your mind back to that "really good" day you had.  Stay with it.  Remember every detail about that day.  Was anyone with you?  Remember smells, visuals, words that were said.  Did you laugh?  How did your body feel?  Any detail that you consider will help but even just a general feeling of happiness will work.  Even just spending a couple of minutes in this memory will shift your mood.  Your mind will start to feel lighter and you are already changing the direction of your day.  You have told the Law Of Attraction that your focus is now put on something that feels good.   Because you have made the decision to feel better, you have taken charge of your own happiness.  Now more happiness will be available to you.  Some of your issues may already start to feel a little more manageable.   
If you set your Intention and state "Today I will only look for things that make me feel good", you will now start to find those things.  It is normal to question whether or not it is working but when you start to see changes you will trust it more. 
The Law Of Attraction does not decide what's best for you.  It leaves that up to you.  It just simply gives you more of what you most think and feel about.  There is a buffer of time so you need not worry that you will manifest every thought you have.  The thoughts that become your reality are the ones that are the most dominant and have the most emotion behind them.  That is why going back to your happy day will create strong emotion that will serve you highly. 

2.  Tell yourself a new story.  This is one of my favorites. ( Authors Jerry and Esther Hicks cover this in great detail.)  When you are feeling poorly, the first order of business is to get yourself some relief.  You cannot  actively hold a positive and a negative thought in your head at the same time.  So you are literally going to talk yourself into better thoughts.  You choose any words you like.  It may start like this...

I am looking forward to feeling better. 
I know I can feel better because I have before.
Wow!  I really am starting to feel better already!
This really is a good moment!
I'd really like to have more good moments!
Etc...insert your own feel good lines.

Get excited!


There is now scientific proof that thoughts and intentions can alter our physical world.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has shown a good deal of evidence of the "magic of positive thinking".  Perhaps you've seen the 2004 film "What The Bleep Do We Know?".  He became famous when his water molecule experiments were featured in this movie.  The water that was spoken to with positive words became more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.  The water that was spoken to in a negative manner began to look more dark and distorted.

Food for thought... the average human body is about 60% water.

Have fun with it!

Whether or not we believe that our thoughts can change our reality, most of us can agree that it feels better to feel better.  When we decide to make a conscious effort to be more aware of our thoughts, we have a choice we can make.  Do we like what we are hearing in our heads or not?  If not, we have another choice to make.  Do we want to change what we are hearing and take a leap of faith?  A leap into an area that may be very unfamiliar to us.  An area where we decide to turn our criticisms into compliments, our complaints into silence and our worries into laughter.  Watching not only how we think about circumstances and other people, but also how we speak to ourselves. 

Many of the things we tell ourselves about ourselves are things we would never say to someone we love.  Speaking to yourself with the support that you would give your best friend will begin to empower you in a way that you deserve.  When we are used to self criticism it can be difficult to accept a compliment, especially from yourself.  The more we practice, the more comfortable it becomes.  When we decide to make this practice part of our daily lives it gets easier.  We have taken charge and made a conscious decision to be happy.  The Law Of Attraction is always turned on.  Many of us are creating our lives via autopilot.  You deserve an active role in your life.  You deserve to have all the happiness your heart desires.  By choosing to lean into happiness on a more regular basis, you are choosing to create your life on purpose.  It takes practice.  It takes awareness of thought. 

It takes responsibility to say "I am accountable for my thoughts."  But when you decide to create your life on purpose...anything is possible!  When you catch yourself feeling badly give yourself the gift of redirecting your thoughts.  It takes less than 5 minutes and YOU deserve to be HAPPY!!! 


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